Doing Calgary Stampede right.. FOOOD STYLE

If you have no idea what the Calgary Stampede is then you’ve come to the right place. Stampede is a once of year occurrence where the entire city dusts off their cowboy boots and hats and everyone plays cowboys for 10 days. But don’t expect your new expensive cowboy boots to stay nice for very long as the weather turns the entire city into a freaking ocean. Also a time where people get so wasted that they get Eiffel towered behind a bar.

Wheeew, now that we have gotten the somewhat negatives out of the way there are a ton of positives to look forward to every year.

Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede

Rodeo’s and Chuck wagons

Now if you’re a true cowboy then this will spark your interest… Now since this isn’t a blog about being a cowboy. Long story short, you get to see people flown into the air by wild animals. You also participate yelling at the top of your lungs at some horses with wagons race around a race track.

Chuckwagon Races
Chuckwagon Races

There is also lots of entertain from rides to winning prize and of course alcohol being a big factor but, let’s get to the most exciting part. FOOOOOODDDD.

Now Josh and I’s main goal is to literally eat our way through the world so you’ll see a lot of food on this blog. (Sorry to those who are hungry) But every year we go down to the Stampede with a wad of cash and eat till we roll out of the grounds. Now with that being said there was 34 new food items to try and I don’t know about you but we are NOT Olympic eating champions, so we tried what we could find and what our stomachs could handle.

You can take a look at the blog that the Calgary Stampede put out to see what we could’ve ate.


Feast your eyes on this delicious dishes



Now this was definitely invented by someone with a love of pickles, we really built up high hopes for this one but was shortly disappointed with the taste factor. You could definitely taste the deep fried batter but if we were to be blind folded you would’ve never known there was a hotdog inside that pickle.





Yet another dish we built up high hopes for and being such mac and cheese lovers this was sad to see the burger was not stuffed how they advertised it. Now we know that advertisement lies most of the time but we were expecting more. On the other hand the burger it’s self was to die for, savory meat and a great balance with the toppings, definitely would eat this one again!




Of course we had two mac and cheese dishes… But OH MY GOODNESS this was so flipping good! The only down side to this dish was it was super filling and get really chewy the more cheesy goodness you had; we decided to take this one home to eat later.




And this is where we get diabetes, I am not sure how on top of everything we ate leading up to this we still managed to finish this. But oh my, this was the best milkshake I think I ever had. It had such a smooth consistency that we drank the entire thing without even noticing it, oops…




I don’t even know where to start with these. This was the top of my list to try out and man it was worth wait. Sadly we had such a hard time finding this food stand but when we did I could not contain my happiness, kind of like a child on Christmas day hehe… These were by far the best things we ate this year, we almost got a second round. 10/10 would recommend!




This was the one hing that was not advertised on the original blog we found but this was something we didn’t see last year so we thought why not! Myself having the sweet tooth this was delicious. The only down side is that it was a mess after the first bite in so grab a ton of napkins!





Spoiler alert this wasn’t real tequila… Sadly because these were sold on the midway they technically can’t sell liquor on the midway. These lovely deep-fried cake cubes were merely infused with tequila so by the time they were deep-fried they weren’t really tequila shots. The first one I had, had a ton of flavor but Josh’s and my next ones just simply tasted like batter. I was very sad about these…


And last but very not least




Now we had to have this one the second day we went cause after the tequila shots we weren’t feeling well. Now these corndogs were not what we were expecting, they were actually pretty darn good. They came with homemade gravy which kind put the cherry on top of it, and no there was not fries inside it was just a dog mixed with cheese curds, but what a great dish to end this year’s eating extravaganza!



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